Different leashes for different jobs!

There are so many different types of leashes on the market today. It's hard to pick just one. And, in fact, I don't pick just one. I use different leashes for different jobs. (I even use leashes that I don't make!)

Our leashes are great for walks and for all around daily use. I love that I can adjust the length and I love that I can get a shorter version (Heeling Lead) that is nice when I'm walking my dogs in town and want them to stay close to me. I love the snap in the handle for easy tie ups and as an all around leash, they are great.

I also use a lightweight leather leash for training. I like the light snaps and the leather is small and not very bulky. I keep several lengths on hand, and they easily roll up and fit in my pocket. For working on heeling or loose leash walking I like that the snap is light in weight and therefore isn't creating much pressure on the collar.

I use the cheapest or oldest leash I can find for puppies. Most puppies chew and it is a process to teach them that the leash is not a chew toy. Until I have done that, I don't use any leashes that I care about.

I also occasionally use a flexi lead. I use them when I need to give my dog some freedom to go potty but also need them on leash. I also use them occasionally for training. I never use a flexi lead out in public where there are other people or dogs that might get tangled in my leash.

There are all kinds of interesting leashes out there! Do yourself a favor.... Indulge in special leashes to do special jobs!

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